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    1. When you are ready to post, abide by the following considerations:
    2. When you are ready to scan...
    3. The how-to and how-not-to
    4. = Post concatenation =
    5. = "Downloads" shall belong in different collections of posts, if... =
    6. = Omitting things from posts =
    7. = Handling duplicates =
    8. = Adding collections of posts to the catalogue =
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    1. == Aliases for cartoon titles ==
    2. Cartoon alias
    3. Another cartoon
    4. == ? ==
    5. = Keeping collections of posts with links organised before and after catalogue update =
    6. The sorting algorithm for collections of posts
    7. Additional considerations
Definitions and guidelines follow. Read them before contributing!

[A link of a type] refers to a cartoon link we post; when following [links of a type], a multimedia stream representing a cartoon can be received and watched.

[A download of a type] refers:
* to [a link of the type];
* or to a link (whether encoded or not) to a web page that lists [downloads of the type].

A linking page (that has [the link of a type]), thus, is (not limited to):
* either a 4chan.org thread,
* or a completely different web site, which the 4chan.org thread links to,
* or a web site, to which one of the above links.

A linking page lists [links of a type].

The types are: base64-ed downloads/links, magnet downloads/links, torrent downloads/links, direct downloads/links and not-a-download (the cartoon is watched online); for uniformity not-a-download shall refer, by definition above, to not-a-link (see below) or to a link to a web page that lists not-a-downloads.

Notes on the types:
In practice to post not-a-download shall mean to post a link to a web site, where a cartoon can be watched online (since 4chan.org, in particular, doesn't support embedding videos and posting not-a-links).(Unless it links to Youtube; but that is still achieved by posting an Youtube link.)
Even though the content itself may not be base64-encoded, to post a base64-ed download shall mean, by definition above, to post either a base64-ed link, or a link to a web page that lists base64-ed downloads.
See the definition of "base64-ed" down below.

Term for links to post/to gather:
Henceforth it shall be referred to the posted links (whether directly to specific cartoons or not) as to posted "downloads", even if the link posted is not-a-download.
That is, a "download", following the definition above, is either a genuine download, or not-a-download (i. e. a link to a site to watch stuff online).

Content shall refer to what various links lead to: either a multimedia stream, or Bittorrent metadata.

Content-listing shall refer to a web page that lists links to content.

The links shall link:

Not-a-links: to nothing; not-a-links are a video player's playlist options.
The linking page allows one to watch some video online by choosing to play back a playlist option in a player.
An absent (or irrelevant) playlist is considered to be a present playlist with only one option -- the one that links back to the linking page (e. g. Youtube video outside a playlist).

Direct links: to a multimedia stream (i. e. video (+ audio)) or to Bittorrent metadata (regardless of by whom the latter are hosted).
Regardless of what is commonly understood by a "direct" link, direct links as defined in this document can link both to traditional downloads (over FTP/HTTP(S)), and to Bittorrent peers; that is a Bittorrent peer is no different, than a, say, web-site.
The linking page must guarantee, that the link will either work, or not (e. g. if it's expired).
Mega.nz or Google Drive web pages are examples of such linking pages.
For links to Bittorrent metadata it means, the number of active seeds must be up-to-date.
This is the case, when the linking page is a so-called torrent-tracker.
Omitting the technical explanation, with active seeders monitored by torrent-trackers a connection to a Bittorrent peer is no different, than a connection to a web-site.

Torrent links: to Bittorent metadata, hosted by servers.
A successful download of the metadata does not guarantee a successful download of the multimedia stream, nor does it guarantee connecting to actual seeders/peers!
The linking page either is capable of only showing the outdated number of active seeds, or doesn't show seeds at all.
This is the case with 4chan.org threads or mega.nz/drive.google.com web pages: they do not track active seeds.

Magnet links: to Bittorent metadata, hosted by Bittorent peers.
No successful download is guaranteed!
The seeders may be long gone, and a download, initiated via a magnet link, may be stuck "retrieving metadata"!

Base64-ed links: to content; base64-decoding must happen before accessing the content.
Before a base64-ed link can be followed from the linking page, one of the two must happen:
Base64-decoding the link;
Or base64-decoding the link to the linking page that is not a 4chan.org thread.
Even when in fact a base64-ed link doesn't have to be base64-decoded, it shall be treated as if base64-encoded!
To avoid confusion, the type name "base64-ed" implies, that at one point base64-decoding must happen: either before leaving a 4chan.org thread page, or after.
The factually decoded link may be any link (of any type).
Other, than that, the same linking-page considerations apply to factually encoded links, as if they were decoded.

When cataloguing "downloads" here, what counts is, by definition of a "download", links to content and links to content-listings.
If, to reach content from a 4chan.org thread, more than two clicks on the links must be performed (one on the thread's page; two on the thread's page and on the next page on a probably other web site)...
Boy, then those "downloads" are probably not very useful to our fellow Anonymous. Consider carefully!(Upon careful consideration such "downloads" may be added. E. g.: a link on the thread's page leads to a web site, that links to a Mega page, that lists download options.)

The same applies to "downloads" with questionable content availability (web sites require to sign-up etal.; that is, the content is not public).(To clarify, Mega.nz downloads protected from viewing with a decryption key are still "public", if said key has been published nearby the download -- e. g. alongside the link or the link to the Mega.nz-linking page.)(Downloads leaked from private torrent-trackers are pretty much public, if you can connect to peers and receive the cartoon from them.)

When you are ready to post, abide by the following considerations:

Post "downloads", since this is what we are after.
Mark them with a title to hint upon what cartoon it is related to.
Specify the quality, visual localisation hints, dub language; subs, if any.

Mixing "downloads" of different cartoons in one post is not recommended; but providing differing qualities, dubs, subs etc. is allowed.

Please, indicate your reposting previous "downloads" with your wording in the post.
I don't know, type "reposting" or something...

When you are ready to scan...

Gather "downloads", since this is what we are after.
Identify cartoon, for that see the post with the "download".
Henceforth "a COP" shall refer to a collection of posts.
Follow quoted posts (and check replies) and concatenate (see how below) the posts in a collection of posts (COP), if together they give info on the "download".
Having gathered multiple "downloads" in a COP, consider breaking that COP down to multiple COP-s (see how below) and dealing with each COP separately.
When one post gives seemingly enough info on the "download", consider it a one-post COP.
Having gathered multiple "downloads" in one post, consider omitting things from that post (see how below), and then dealing with the other "downloads" in that post separately.
Duplicate links gathered shall be handled specially, see below.

The COP with a link shall be copied.
The following information about each post in the COP shall be preserved:
* thread's subject name, when copying original posts (i. e. thread starters);
* poster's name (including "Anonymous");
* date posted;
* post number;
* "quoted-by" post numbers, if any;
* "in-reply-to" post numbers, if any;
* post contents, provided the following is considered.

The COP shall then be pasted into the appropriate file in the catalogue (see further on that below).
The catalogue shall then be saved, as not to lose the hard work.
It shall then be published.

The how-to and how-not-to

= Post concatenation =

Each post in a resulting COP shall be copied from the archive (where the thread is stored), then pasted to one of the catalogue's files (see, to which and where, below).
Between the posts a delimetre shall be: "= =".
It occupies one line, meaning, there must be line breaks before and after it.

= "Downloads" shall belong in different collections of posts, if... =

When following quoted posts and checking replies, thus gathering posts into a COP, relatability of "downloads" shall be considered.
"Downloads" shall be separated each from other and appear in different COP-s, if:
* they should definitely belong under differing cartoon titles;
* they belong under the same cartoon title, but under different link-type groups (see what that is, below under "Adding collections of posts to the catalogue");
* they belong under the same cartoon title and link-type group, but their apparent qualities differ;
** if the "downloads" are essentially the same cartoon, they may appear in the same COP;
* they belong under the same cartoon title, link-type group and quality group, but to different threads;
* they belong under the same cartoon title, link-type group, quality group and in the same thread, but are essentially different links;
** the "downloads" may appear in the same COP, if they are scattered throughout the (multiple different) posts in that COP, but the posts in that COP are chained, as in: the post in the COP, which the other posts in the COP do not quote, can be said to be the starting point, from which the other posts in the COP can be accessed by following the links to the posts quoted;
*** said links appear on 4chan.org as ">>", followed by a post number;
** the "downloads" may also appear in the same COP, if they are included in the same post belonging to that COP.

If the "downloads" are actually the same link, then they are duplicates!
At this point you are considering, whether they should belong in one COP or not.
If the duplicates are in the same post, they may go to the same COP as a part of that post.
If they are in different posts, belonging to the same COP, they may stay in the same COP, only if the duplicate is actually a citation of itself.
This requirement is a recommendation.

If the duplicates belong to different COP-s, they shall be handled specially, see below.

= Omitting things from posts =

If any post in one thread lists "downloads" to different cartoons (not related at all), that post shall be broken down.
That shall stay true, also if the "downloads" are deemed to belong in different COP-s, see the ""Downloads" shall belong in different collections of posts, if..." section above.
Indicate omitting a portion of a post with "[post omitted]"; for original posters' posts -- "[original post omitted]".
From posts in a collection omit things irrelevant to the "download".
This is a recommendation.
Duplicate "downloads" should also be omitted.

= Handling duplicates =

If a "download" appears to have been added earlier to the catalogue, consider carefully, whether another COP should at all be added.

Consider: is it advantageous to add the duplicate? Is useful info scattered throughout the posts, which would constitute the COP, if the "download" were not a duplicate?

If so, the remark (see what that is below under "Adding collections of posts to the catalogue") about the COP-to-add shall contain the following:
* "reposted in thread #?", if the duplicate already appears in a later, than the COP-to-add, post;
** (no longer relevant, as you'll encounter duplicates in more-recent posts, which makes the originally posted "download" not a repost);
* "posted earlier in thread #?", if [...] in an earlier, than the COP-to-add, post;
** (the only variant of the remark since the scan of version 11 of the General cartoon thread).

If, by your consideration, adding the duplicate is not advantageous, do not add it.

Regardless of your consideration: in the catalogue (please) head to the existing COP with the originally scanned "download" you are (or are not) duplicating and concatenate that COP with "(also posted in thread #?: [poster] [date posted] [post number])".

If said COP provides multiple "downloads", some of which happen to be duplicates themselves, do not trace the origins of those *irrelevant* duplicates!

Throughout this section the question mark (as in "#?") must not appear verbatim; instead it must be substituted with the version number of the thread either the remark, or the "(also posted in...)" refer to.

= Adding collections of posts to the catalogue =

Throughout this section the question mark (as in "#?") must not appear verbatim; instead it must be substituted with the version number of the thread the "(Thread #?)" refers to.

When you've determined the COP with a "download", copy it; posts in the COP shall be concatenated, see above.
The posts within one collection are best sorted by date posted in ascending order (i. e. in the order they appeared in the thread).
Prepend the concatenation with "(Thread #?)" appearing on a line of its own; that is to say, the COP shall be one line below.
Any remark on the COP shall appear a line above "(Thread #?)" and shall be henceforth deemed a part of the concatenation.

Remarks on COP-s shall appear as follows: "(remark)".
That is to say, remarks shall be placed in parentheses.

Thus the concatenation is:
* one line with a remark on the COP, if you need to remark;
* one line with "(Thread #?);
** this line is mandatory;
* one or more lines, representing the COP you've determined;
** without a COP there must not be a concatenation.

Paste the concatenation:
* into the file, named appropriately;
* under appropriate cartoon-title group;
* under fitting cartoon title;
* under appropriate link-type group;
* under appropriate quality group.

The files of the catalogue are named with ranges of cartoons' names' initials, indicating, with which letter a cartoon title starts.
You are not expected to add more files, as I appear to've accounted for everything.

The cartoon-title groups are like sections in dictionaries: cartoon titles, starting with the same character, shall appear in the same group.
When one group ends, and another one starts, the name of the new group appears.




The cartoon titles, if missing, shall be placed on separate lines as follows: "= Cartoon name =".
Notice the "=" signs and spaces between them and the cartoon title.
This allows to find specific cartoon by searching for "= A" to find cartoons starting with "A" etc..

== Aliases for cartoon titles ==

An example of aliasing:

Cartoon alias

(see "Canonical name")

Another cartoon


It is yet to be determined, which titles should be deemed canonical.
In particular this concerns titles, starting with "The...".

== ? ==

Link-type groups' and quality groups' names shall also appear on separate lines and be as follows:

"(480p:)" for quality of 480p etc.;
"(???p:)" for uncertain quality;

"(watch-onlines:)" for not-a-downloads;
"(directs:)" for direct downloads;
"(torrents:)" for torrent downloads;
"(magnets:)" for magnet downloads;
"(base64s:)" for base64-ed links;

= Keeping collections of posts with links organised before and after catalogue update =

Cartoon title groups inside each file of the catalogue,
cartoon titles within cartoon title groups,
link-type groups placed under the same cartoon title,
quality groups within link-type groups
and, finally, the COP-s within quality groups
must be ordered.
The COP you are about to add must preserve that order.
To know the order, apply the sorting algorithm (see below).

The sorting algorithm for collections of posts

Before sorting, if any COP to be sorted provides several "downloads", determine the best "download" of them.
To determine the best "download", apply the sorting algorithm below and choose top one "download".
Then for the purposes of ordering the collections consider them each having only that top one "download".
Again, do not change the collection! Every link in it (even not "downloads") is precious!
Yes, even the non-working ones! It's good for maintenance!

In a nutshell:
Order by cartoon title, content availability, reported/apparent quality, thread version number and date posted.

The sorting algorithm for collections of posts is as follows:
* By cartoon title:
* From a cartoon's name filter only digits and Latin letters without spaces (e. g. "MyLifeAsATeenageRobot");
* Sort that alphabetically;
* The alphabet is as follows: "0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ";
* When sorting, a letter's case is ignored ("A" is same as "a").
* That doesn't mean you should do all caps or all lower-case!
* Miscellaneous things should start with a "(" and end with a ")";
* They go after the sorted list!
* (And are actually placed in a separate file.)
* Collections under the same title shall further be sorted:
* By link-type:
* The top-one not-a-downloads and direct downloads shall appear at the top;
* Below go torrent downloads;
* Further below -- magnet downloads;
* Further below -- base64-ed "downloads" having unknown/unobvious concealed link type;
* That is, if there's a reason to believe, that after base64-decoding the "download" there's a certain link type waiting, the "download" shall be treated as having that type and sorted accordingly. If the concealed link type is unknown/unobvious, the download shall appear below magnet downloads.
* Collections having the top-one "downloads" of the same type shall further be sorted:
* By quality:
* The best reported/apparent quality shall appear at the top;
* Unknown/unobvious quality shall appear down below as not to give downloaders any guarantee to receive high-quality cartoons;
* If a "download" has, say, episodes of different qualities (the "download" is of "mixed quality"), it is hard to say, whether the best of the mix determines it all or the worst...
* When unsure, consider such "downloads" to have unobvious quality.
* Collections having the top-one links to content of the same reported/apparent quality shall further be sorted:
* By thread version number:
* Collections from more-recent threads are supposed to provide fixes/replacements for previously posted links and thus shall appear at the top;
* If the collections have the same thread version number, they shall further be sorted:
* By date posted:
* More-recent posts shall appear at the top.
* (Measure recency by the first post.)
* (This is actually somewhat ambiguous, as in a COP may appear multiple posts. Thus it is undetermined, by which post's date they are to be sorted; but so far the very first post in the collection is used.)

Additional considerations

Quoting from the catalogue should not constitute as a repost, I think...

"Also posted previously" is found nine (9) times among "also posted" (as of cat-v3).
However "posted earlier" appears 7 times.

"Earlier" means, what was posted was not reposted later.
However "previously" means the same.

"earlier" has been around since V11.
"Previously" -- since V9, meaning, it was used before "earlier", as V9 was scanned before V11.

"Previously" is older and more frequent.
But it is also longer...
It was also dropped in favour of simply "also posted".
It was never used without "also".

Based on that, whichever should we use? Can we recommend?

"Later" is paired with "earlier". Reposts happen "later".
"Previously" is paired with "next"; but one can't "post next", only "post ???".

I recommend "posting earlier": there was a reason we dropped "prev." and chose "earlier" instead.
What do ye think?