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V2 (magnet) (torrent) Direct Scanned 12 versions
V3 (...) (...) Direct Scanned 14 versions
V4 (catalogue not torrented, actually...) View online Scanned 15 versions, available in HTML!
V5 View online Scanned 16 versions, added visual appeal and nested TOC-s!
V6 View online Scanned 17 versions, fixed weird brokenness and added brief TOC-s!

Quick-and-dirty: initial catalogue, from the first 11 versions of the General cartoon thread: Downloadable

Latest version of the General cartoon thread:
>>>/t/1210022 (archived).

Version 17:
>>>/t/1192474 (archived).

Version 16:
>>>/t/1178582 (archived).

Version 15:
>>>/t/1164360 (archived).

Version 14:
>>>/t/1148453 (archived).

Version 13:
>>>/t/1137295 (archived).

Version 12: >>>/t/1129879 (archived).

Previous versions: see links in version 12.